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*60% per month is not guaranteed — it’s only the current estimate at the time of publishing this article and if you provide $7,700 in liquidity.

Liquidity is needed for a healthy decentralized ecosystem, that’s why Earnbase rewards liquidity providers with ENB.

Liquidity is just two tokens placed into a pool. Anyone can deposit tokens and also remove their tokens whenever they want. When people trade, they swap one of these tokens for the other. When there’s a lot of these tokens in the pool, it means users can swap tokens at the best possible price, and that’s good for everyone.

Liquidity providers (those that add tokens to the pool) earn the 0.3% …

The current platforms are all way too complicated. They have poor branding, use industry jargon to explain what they offer and their UX is like using a computer from 1983… and let’s not even mention the fees. The whole thing is just overwhelming and it frankly scares people away. These platforms are created by developers for developers (and tech savvy people). It’s time for a new perspective.

The solution

Good branding, good marketing, easy to understand and easy to use. That’s what we need to make DeFi mainstream, not the latest hyped-up tech that requires the user to basically fly a space…


All-in-one DeFi management… made simple. Earn, save and swap tokens from a single dashboard.

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